ParticleSystem not displaying unless switching to scene view


I have an object which changes height (through code). To allow the player to track it even if to high (above the camera) I added a particle system on the ground, below the object. It’s a simple rotating circle, from an animation sheet. I move and scale the mark on the ground according to the height of the object, through code.
Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it doesn’t show until the object is close from the ground again.

But what is weirder is that I noticed I can make it display simply by switching to the scene view and then back to the game view. If I do that, the particle system will show just fine.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any clue? I have checked the particle system settings and everything seems fine.


For those having the same kind of issue, please check if you scale your emitter (and particles). We did, sometimes changing the scale to 0. This is the issue. It triggers some kind of bug that cause the particle system to disappear unless you have the scene view opened on screen.

Adding a very small offset to the scale so it’s not 0 did the trick and it’s working fine now.