Particlesystem only emitting once

Hey guys I am currently stuck on a very weird bug.

I have a three-part particle system (three particlesystem parented under each other → not using sub-emitters ) which I set off in code. Everything works well…no problems playing it in the editor during runtime and such. But when making a build of my game the particlesystem only emits particles the first time I “play” it.

I have already tried/checked many things:

  • scale is 1
  • I added a bunch of non-sense just for safety measures

    if( particle.isPlaying )
    	particle.enableEmission = true;		

  • I know its entering the function and such
  • sorting is taken care of (they are always on top of everything)
  • a bunch of other stuff I have already forgotten

Anyway…help would be very much appreciated as I am currently not sure what to do next. Every other particlesystem works fine.

Thanks in advance

Maybe someone finish here (like me) having a similar problem which has been addressed here.