Partilcle effect help needed


i need help making really good particle effects. i can make basic effects like shooting fire and lighitng, but i want to be able to animate them and shoot them in different directtions and bend them like shown in the vedios below. ( these are very old games and since unity is a really great new engine i m sure it can make some effects better than these) &

if anyone can tell me how to make something similar to this using unities particle system it will be great or direct me to some software that can be used with unity to make effects like these will b great. any help is good

thank you for reading ;)

There is a particle library on the wiki here for quick reference on some cool effects.

You really have to be more specific in your question. No one is going to go through all your vids and explain in detail how to make each particle effect. You should make a question describing a specific particle effect and then maybe someone who has done something similar will help you.

Its perfectly fine to ask multiple questions on this site, just as long as each one is specific and useful to at least one other person.