pass data between scene for game settings?

Ok, i’ve already read about passing data between scenes with gameobjects, components and Dontdestroyonload(), but what i mean here is : how can i handle this data to set up my gameplay in the loading scene?

If i’m switching from a lobby scene to a gameplay scene and i need to pass data/values about the players (like how many controllers/players are connected to spawn their characters) or about the environment (i don’t really have any example on this but you got it now) or something else, and in the gameplay scene there is a gameobject responsible for spawning the characters etc, are those informations ready?

When the charachter-spawning gameobject is created and started in the gameplay scene can it immediately find the game settings gameobject from the previous scene and use its values to set all what it need?

Are there others ways to do this?
Thanks in advance to everybody.

Are you saying that you are trying to get data from a script?