Pass initialization arguments to the web player


How can I securely pass initialization arguments to the web player from HTML page?

Flash has FlashVars, silverlight has initParams, what about Unity?

I don't want to use src="my.unity3d?someParamName=someParamValue" approach, because I need to pass a security-sensitive access token, and I don't want the data to be easily traceable by any HTTP proxy residing between the client and the server who hosts my.unity3d.

Thanks in advance!

You can pass by javascript like this:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
function SaySomethingToUnity()
    var unity = unityObject.getObjectById("UnityContent");
    unity.SendMessage("MyObject", "MyFunction", "Hello from a web page!");

This page can help you:

Or to be more segurely, you can use the WWW class to get informations in a page that you can make in PHP for example.