Passenger Train for VR

Lately I've been working on a project that I've started few years ago - a model of a train for VR needs. I have decided to come back to this project and see what can I do now after few more years of experience in Unity.
For this animation, I have used VR to create natural looking camera movements, and then rendered everything out with my Deckard Render.
My intention for this project is to make a level that pushes tech to maximum, while still working at good framerates in VR.
Someone might ask: if this is for VR, why are you using Deckard to render it out?
This is because VR and Movies are different medias, and they both have different requirements. I'm actually using Deckard as a virtual camera in VR environment, as a cinematographer would do when filming a scene in a real world. It is mostly used only for things that you don't want to have in VR but you need in movie - filmic color correction, filmic motion blur, DOF, different camera FOV.

p. s. I still don't know if I want to put this out as an asset, or if I wan't to make a small VR game.


I had to double check if this was not real life .... Very nice work!
Would love to play a game like this


First video of a next series of videos of breakdown of this scene.


Nice, little lower music volume and it would be easier to follow