Passing a variable from PHP to Unity c# without echo or print.

Hello everyone,
I am creating a multiplayer game on Unity for VR devices.
The game is already running online on Internet that is programmed on PHP.
The webpage displays several attributes to the player, each attribute is stored as a variable.

I now want to retrieve this same data on Unity C#. The code I am writing downloads the complete data. i.e., it retrieves all information that is displayed on the webpage.
What I want is, I want to store individual variables from PHP as individual variables in C#.

As an example, I have a variable : $week on php which stores a number. This variable is also printed on the website
I used $Unityweek = json_encode($week); to store this variable for sending to Unity.
But, i do not know, how to retrieve this variable in Unity.
Can you tell me a way how can I do this?

I have no idea with PHP, but I tried to get the json data from CMS to Unity.

First I made proper datamodel class in unity(C#)

and get some web-data from cms using UnityWebRequest api

then do data parsing process using JsonUtility api

Hope it will help you.