Passing data trough different scrips

for example:

Script attached to player:

public class PlayerStats : MonoBehaviour {

    public int xp;
    Void Start(){
    xp = 0;

   public void AddXp(int amount)
     xp += amount;

Script attached to NPC:

   public void *When NPC died*()
       PlayerStats stats = new PlayerStats();

Now this only creates a new instance of that class, so it doesn’t modify my players exp, it sets the exp of a new object which isn’t my player.
I need to get access from all my npc to the variables of my players script :confused:

Thanks for your time

Well that’s because that’s what you are telling it to do.

Presumably what you intend to do is add the PlayerStats component to a GameObject in a scene. Now you have an instance to keep track of the XP.

Some other GameObject, with an NPC component needs to access it… so how?

There is always more than one way to skin a cat, and the answer always boils down to “It depends!” It depends on what you are trying to do exactly.

In this case, is there one player? I’ll assume so. If so, then you could use a singleton pattern to access the PlayerStats component.

Add this sorta thing to your PlayerStats script:

public PlayerStats Instance;

void Start()
  Instance = this;

Then from any other script:


Other ways include having access to a GameObject that might have that component on it. This might happen from physics (say raycasts). Or you might have a direct reference to something (wiring GameObjects together in a scene), etc.

In which case, from a reference to the GameObject you an use GetComponent<> style methods to get access to the script (aka component) to call methods on it.

Solved this by finding where the script is attached to, then using the code below:

GameObject.Find("name...").getComponent<"scriptname">."local variable" += "something";