Pathfinding? Best way to...

So hello, first time ever i’m posting here.

I’m working on a first person game. No it’s not another first person shooter…it’s a first person slasher! :wink: (You know, swords, axes and all that jazz.)

Anyways, i’ve made a simple “AI” script myself where the guy follows waypoints and if i get too close he follows me (and he does avoid obstacles…somewhat). But then i decided to make an A* script, and as a newbie like me i did watch a tutorial and copy pretty much the whole code (Shame on me! I did learn something, however).

Anyhow, the script itself is lacking because i have to manually place out nodes all over the map (and it can be very tedious with a large map; it isn’t that dynamic either, it just follows in a straight line to the next node…and it gets stuck on walls too…it just tries to find the point closest to the player), so i’ve looked into the NavMesh feature Unity Pro gives out of the package…it looks awesome and simple, exactly how i want it to be, but i’m not that lucky because i’m using the free version of Unity.

So i’m simply asking you for pointers on how i could possibly make this kind of function myself (is there any kind of mesh generation that could possibly apply a pattern/grid/mesh to the map according to the terrain, for instance; that i could apply code logic to?). Or do i have to make it all by myself…grid generation and all? Or are there any good tutorial you guys know of explaining how the best way to make a dynamic AI system similiar to the built in NavMesh in Unity Pro? (I won’t copy this time, i promise! PS. I’ve watched ETseeski’s video regarding this, it looks good, but not exactly how i want it.) Or would the simple A* star script i have now suit for a first person game? I could perhaps tweak it somewhat to make it look better/function better if i wanted to, but i’ll wait for an answer from you pros over here so you can tell me the logic behind your pathfinding scripts.

I hope this question isn’t a confusing in any way.

Takes a bit to learn how to use, but it’s an awesome open source pathfinding library.

After creating the Grid Graph, you can basically extend the system to find random points ( not included in the free version ).

Oh, i know about that guy and his project. But i thought you had to buy it (which i don’t intend to do; as i’m just creating games for fun & learning).

But looks like there is a free version, i’ll read throught it tommorow and hopefully learn something useful. Thanks for reminding me, i guess. :smiley: