Pathfinding tools in Unity?

Does Unity have any path finding and AI (enemy) scripting tools?

Try to do a search on the forums for the usage of them.

Everyone, please add to this post (because it is marked as community wiki), this way all examples will be in one place.

There is another one too, it is acctually my own pathfinding system which can be found on my website here: You can download an example project and the full source there.

I don't know about any enemy script tools though.

SimplePath just released this week: SimplePath

And here is the forum thread: SimplePath Official Forum Thread

Pathfinding is listed for Unity 3.5.

Check out RAIN, it’s free.

We have a lot of support resources to help you create characters that drive your story’s narrative.

FAQs to learn more about RAIN as well as other answers

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I figured this may help: xaitment recently released a set of Unity Plug-ins based off their successful xaitMap and xaitControl products. xaitMap and xaitControl for Unity can both be downloaded and evaluated here:

check this out - Google Drive (download My A* PathFinding OpenSource Project and open in Unity3D). Do Not Forget to read README.txt file ! Enjoy it !

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There is a port of the pretty much industry standard RECAST algorithm for finding walk meshes available in the Unity store.

If you don’t need source access or access to the internal data, Unity has a similar walk mesh system built in now.