Pathfinding with 2 different Graph for 2 different AI at the same time

I use Aron Granberg’s AStar scripts. I want to use 2 different graphs at the same time for two different AI.

I will generate two grip graphs, ones Collision Testing → Diameter value is 6, other’s is 2. Because i have two different sized AI and if i use diameter setting small, big AI pass through obstacles inside.

Because of this, i want to use two different graphs. Is it possible ? Or there are any other solutions ?

I’ve been diving into this for a bit of time. I know that this post is old but in the case someone still have this issue I managed to get it working :

Instead of using the seeker StartPath method this way

_seeker.StartPath(transform.position, rh.point, OnPathComplete);

Use the 4th parameter graphMask to tell which graph you want to use for this seeker.