Hi all! I have been working on a game in Unity, where the AI must have path finding, to avoid bumping into walls. I have looked at A* path finding, but I find it very difficult. I’m new to Unity, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any tutorials or sites where it is simple to learn. I watched some youtube videos on it, but I just don’t understand how to set it up. Thanks!

Unity has built in pathfinding using NavMeshes.

Read Here.

There is a learning curve, but for an inexperienced programmer, it’s easier than trying to Program your own A* or use one of the many poorly integrated packages available for free.

I was surprised to learn pathfinding is now available in Unity 4x free (for Unity 3x it was pro only), however it is still quite ‘young’, I have read mixed views on the 3x pathfinding.

Aron Granbergs solution has always been pretty solid and favoured by many (being quite mature), the free version has worked fine for me where I’ve used it.

There is another solution out there called Rain Indie which seems to have a lot of buzz too.

So these two solutions seem to be the most widely used and accepted. You just have to do a lot of research and decide for yourself what you want to try. And if you don’t like one, simply try one of the others.

Here’s a tutorial using Aron Granbergs A* Pathfinding Project

And one I just found for Rain Indie

You can always search for more videos, even search for Unity 3d Pathfinding