PathNameManager and BaseObjectManager filling memory in Profiler

So I’m developing a game that is supposed to run 24/7. I improved my code as much as possible to not cause memory leaks, but when I check the profiler after a day, PathNameManager and BaseObjectManager keep filling up the memory slowly. There’s no information out there what those two managers do and how I could prevent this. There’s already posts about this, but all unanswered.
What are BaseObjectManager and PathNameManager in Profiler? and how to prevent memory leak?

Thanks for answers!

Edit 1:
So I figured out that this issue was reproducible in every version going as low as 2017.3.
Using 2017.2.3f1, it works like expected. Don’t know what they implemented after that version…
Keep you updated as soon as I find out more.

I can confirm that we are getting this problem as well. As mentioned above, it looks like it has been introduced in 2017.3/4, as we upgraded from 2017.2.1p2 to 2017.4.1f1. Our players are encountering this issue sooner than we would like (on Console, PC and Mobile), and is amplified by the fact that we are using 32-bit builds.

Other posts on the forums have suggested that this is due to objects being created and destroyed. Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

I’m also trying to have an instance running 24/7 and I seem to have the same problem. The target is a VPS instance with 512Mb ram and the process seems to be terminated after around 24h or so. It seems like objects aren’t properly cleaned up or something since the memory growth increases when more objects are spawned and then unloaded after a scene change. I’m using 2018.1.1 by the way.

Any new ideas on this?