pause a audio inside game

            function OnGUI()

       if(GUI.Button(Rect(100,200,100,50),"pause")) //to pause the game
            Time.timeScale = 0; 

       if(GUI.Button(Rect(200,300,100,50),"play"))   // to resume the game
           Time.timeScale = 1;  


here when i press pause button it should pause the game and when press play button it should resume the game where i pause button is not working.

my need is when i press the pause button it should stop all current action including the audio which is playing in the game .

when i press the play button after pausing the game. it should start from where i paused the game including the audio where it stopped.

on further when ever i pause and play the game in the second scene .it should not play the old audio in the first scene.

i have went through this answer

but not able to solve the i posted the question.

so can any body help me.

This might work, though i dont think it works on a global level :)

edit; this might work as well, but im not sure its what you're looking for: