Pause Button Menu loader

I'm currently creating a FPS game. I need to create a pause button for my pause menu. I've found an excellent pause script here:

I'm currently using the free version of Unity3D. I was able to get the pause script working within the game when i first start the game. After clicking Play from the pause menu, the pause menu disappears.

My questions is, how do I create a button or text link which reloads the Pause menu on screen?

Any help is appreciated, Thank you

Everytime I've tried that script, pushing esc (Escape) works for me to reload it...

But none the less, check out Input in the API:

All the luck!

Look in the OnGUI function, replace the check for the ESC key with something appropriate, e.g. you can declare there a "Pause Button". That should be straightforward if you've gone through the UnityGUI walkthrough in the Unity manual.

I've started a thread on the Unity forum for general discussion on the pause menu script -