Pause GameObject motion

Hi there,
What is the best way to completely freeze an object?

I have a ball that bounces. I’ve tried:;

But there seems to be “drift” upwards, even when the velocity is zero/gravity off. (is there still acceleration?)

also, just out of curiosity,i tried:


But on “RigidbodyConstraints.None”, the object does not behave correctly.(it seems that only some of the constraints are lifted, because it only moves/rotates in certain axis) Is this still supported by unity? the documentation is a little lacking.

Thanks all!

Setting the velocity to zero is correct, but remember to also set the angular velocity to zero.

rigidbody.angularVelocity =;

If you also don’t want new forces to be applied on this game object, because it’s for instance on a slope, you can either also turn it to isKinematic=true or go with constraints. Thing is, there’s a bug with FreezeAll, so I’d go with setting it to

rigidbody.isKinematic = true;