Pause menu functionality

Hi, why there there cannot be pause function in unity for selected gameobjects. There could be a function when gameobjects are grouped in the threads, and you can decide to pause certain thread. For example stop all game execution objects why pause menu will open. This could be implemented in Unity Engine.

Although there’s no way to “pause” a group of GameObjects, there is a fairly easy way to pause built into the engine. Setting Time.timeScale to 0 will cause nearly all behaviours to stop updating. If you’d like behaviours to keep updating when paused, you can use any of the “unscaled” time properties on Time (i.e. Time.unscaledDeltaTime). I believe UI elements and animations use unscaled time by default, so your pause menu should still work. If not, the component(s) should have a property to use unscaled time.

See the Time docs for more detail