Pause Menu Problem

I’m having a problem with pausing game. I have it like when you press ESC it freezes audio and gameplay. But i can still move my FPS Controllers camera. How can i disable camera movement when i pause?

This is how Time.timeScale works.Setting Time.timeScale will produce these results

  1. No Calls will be made to the FixedUpdate()update function.
  2. Update function WILL still get called.
  3. No Time Class objects will be updated (Time.deltatime,Time.smoothDeltaTime,Time.FixedDeltaTime,Time.fixedDeltaTime,Time.time,Time.fixedTime)

So if you are setting Time.timeScale=0.0f; then in your Update function

void Update()
   //This will not work.The Value of MyVar will not incriment

   //However this will work.The value of MyVar WILL incriment.

So basically you should make all your updation in FPS Controller camera time based like Time.deltatime,Time.smoothDeltaTime,Time.FixedDeltaTime,Time.fixedDeltaTime,Time.time,Time.fixedTime