pause,resume and save coroutines

hi all,

i want to clear answer for to pause,resume and save coroutines (or) gamestate...already i have googled,am i got some information from this link..

here i got only the explanation and i want to know how i want to start game again using resume...

if i click "pause" button, i have stop all the coroutines from that state using "StopAllCoroutines"...

but i dunno how to start that means resumes the game again.... can any one give correct way or idea??

i have already tried with "Time.timeScale" its pauses correctly,but when i resumes the game it's resuming very fast..that means game is loading very to stop it also??

Save the time, and then pause it, then when you need to resume it, make the time equal to that time...

function PauseGame() {
    savedTimeScale = Time.timeScale;
    Time.timeScale = 0;
    AudioListener.pause = true;
    if (pauseFilter) pauseFilter.enabled = true;
    currentPage = Page.Main;

function UnPauseGame() {
    Time.timeScale = savedTimeScale;
    AudioListener.pause = false;
    if (pauseFilter) pauseFilter.enabled = false;
    currentPage = Page.None;
    if (IsBeginning() && start != null) { = true;

Of course take out what you don't need...

Hope this helps!

ya guys finally i got the perfect ans.....i have found in google from "Pause and Coroutine " under the link

its really helpful....just use

while (_myPauseState)
yield return new WaitForFixedUpdate();

in your'll work fine...thank you guys ... its only for pause and resume your game state...and have to find about save...if any one have idea about save,just post that answer...