Pausing all scripts except for one

I want to make a typical “tap to screen” thing in my game. That means that my game is paused when it starts, and it resumes as soon as I tap on the screen.

Normally I would do this with a


statement. The thing is that I’ve prepared a mini-animation that I want to run while I’m in this “pause mode” and this is frozen too.

What can I do? Can I exclude specific gameobjects or scripts from pausing with Time.timeScale=0 or something like that?

Either not use Time.deltaTime, or actually disbable the class’s you don’t want to use:

GameObject.Find(“GAMEOBJECT_NAME”).GetComponent().enabled = false;

you will then have to do it with every class, which might become messy…

last possiblity might be to make something like:

bool IsOn {
	get {
		return GameObject.Find("TimeController").GetComponent<TimeControlClass>().IsOn;


/*And then in Update when you want things disabled when it's not on*/

void Update () {

Each possiblity have problems and are annoying in each their way. if you got questions, just ask :wink:


You can have your script not rely on Time.deltaTime. Use Time.unscaledDeltaTime instead.

If physics is involved its another issue altogether and will probably end with some relatively messy work, or a custom physics engine.

try to make a mainGameLoop script with one update and one start , then call all the updates of the other scripts in this update… now if the game is paused choose the updates the you want to avoid …