Payout get delayed in April, 2023 (Bank Transfers)

Any of you guys received the April bank transfer payout?
It was scheduled for this 15th. And it still shows the Due Date as the 15th and the Status "In Progress"

Got the Unity Asset Store Payout Request Approved email a week ago.
So far, nothing, and didn't get my payout.

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Hey! I would not worry too much, they can pay out as late as the 21st.

We have not received our last payout either.

We have received complaints from customers of issues checking out this month. Who knows maybe they are having some issues but I would be suprised if they did not pay out by the 21st.

I am sure Unity will get it sorted and get all sellers paid. Sometimes they pay out later than other months. If the 21st passes and there is still no payout I would contact them.

Same goes for those waiting on paypal payout... seems to be another delay this month. Usually I give it 7 working days from the 14th then start to I estimate about 26th before we see it.

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Paypal payment delay The status is "In Progress", there are no payments yet

Can anyone tell me how to contact Unity?


Btw I have a open ticket for weeks now. Not a single reply so far. So GL.

21st and still no payment! Cmon Unity! Bit slack, isn't taking 30 percent enough? Now holding our funds as long as possible to gain more interest.

Theyve posted an explanation on the publisher subforum.

@IntuitiveGamingSolutions can u post the link here to the subforum?

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I am not going to post it (the sign up form link) just because it seems they do not want it publicly listed as they do not have it anywhere. You will find a google form to sign up for the subforum if you look at the email you received after uploading any update or asset to the Unity Asset Store. You will notice a paragraph that invites you to 'collaborate with other creators', although it seems it is not just for that and they now use it for official communications too.

Even with the link to the subforum you will not be able to view it without first filling out this form which they will silently approve (or deny) after some time (~1 week usually from what we have heard).

Wish I could be of more help, sorry. I would love to summarize but we do not have access yet ourselves because we were under the impression it was just for interacting with other creators and not for official communications like this.

Thank you for pointing this out. Just submitted the forum. One more thing, if you have any information about the reason for this payout delay, Have they mentioned anything about when we can expect the next payout?

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Unfortunately nothing useful. On Monday they had said it was due to technical issues and they were likely to provide an update the next day assuming they had some information to share. They said they hoped to have it fixed before the end of the week.

As it is now the end of the week they still have not provided and update, or a real explanation, and it seems they are unlikely to pay out in this business week. Extremely unprofessional on their part however unfortunately these things happen, hopefully they fix it as soon as possible.


Unity is proving very unprofessional. May be time to start developing for Unreal instead.

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Search in google: Unity stock usd
The stock price has fallen %84 since November 2021 ! Bankruptcy of Unity may be a possible reason for not paying us!

Any news regarding when we can expect the payout? Anyone?


Same here. Today is 24.04 so it is a 9 days delay. This has never happened before.

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Hi. Could you send a link to this publishers subforum. I can not find anything like that.

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You have to apply for access to it. Don't expect it to be quick, we've been waiting for well over a week and have had to receive the update(s) (currently only 1 update last we heard) from other publishers who already have access.

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Ok thanks.

Going back to the delayed payments. I contacted the support. The nice guy wrote me "...that they notified that the payouts have been delayed this month but no worries, you should receive it in the following weeks...".
I am not sure what to think about it...


Did anyone receive the payout? It's been 11 days now.