PC Build is not behaving like my android and webgl builds

I try to export the same game on different platforms. The game works fine in editor, it also works fine in android and in webGL but when I build it for PC. The enemy skills won’t cast, I’m using ScriptableObject for my enemy skills and traps. Yet the trap work just fine. I tried to build for x86 only instead of both x86 and 64 but the same problem.

Additional info:

I created a development build for my PC release and found out that the Scriptableobjects becomes null. I’m not sure if this is a bug in unity 2018.2.2f1 and if this is a bug it’s probably hard to reproduce. Since all my other ScriptableObjects(I use alot) work just fine.

I found in quality settings different devices show things slightly differently. Make sure the PC is highlighted on the PC green arrows and that will make your editor show that version and those settings. May not work but something I found out recently that has helped me.