PC keep throwing my android device out so i cant test game on unity remote.

I have windows 10, android phone, unity remote 5 on it and Unity 5.5 (free personal version).
I am working on a project for mobile devices. I came to that point when i have to customize and optimize settings for acceleration and speeds. I want to test game via usb and unity remote, but its not working. I enabled usb debugging on phone, set to android project and enabled it for any android device. my problem is when i plug in phone via usb port, my pc detects it but after 1 second phone gets disconnected then again pc detects it and again after few second it gets disconneted this is repeating all the time. Connecting other USBs is normal without troubles. I tried to connect my phone to another pc (there is no Unity on it) and it works without problems. I think that problem is in Unity free version because i factory reset both devices, try other usb cable, update all usb drivers… i dont know what else to do. Can anyone give me good advice or help me solve the problem?
Thanks and Good regards.

Could be an issue with your USB port, have you tried plugging it into other ports? Also this is not a unity related issue.