PC Unity 3.3 OpenGL Doesn't Support Shadows?

I’ve submitted this as a bug report to Unity, but haven’t heard anything back so I thought that I’d feel out the community to see if they’ve encountered anything similar.

I am running Unity 3.3 in OpenGL mode on a Win7 64-bit PC with a ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series GPU ( Catalyst Version 11.5). Soft shadows, or for that matter, any shadows do not appear when using OpenGL in forward rendering. Deferred shading produces shadows but the entire scene is decorated in odd hash patterns.

When running in DirectX mode, the shadows appear properly. Unfortunately, I am required to use OpenGL due to a need to use the ability to upload a texture directly to the GPU (which does not exist in DirectX Unity).

Has anyone encountered anything similar to this? If so, have you managed any workarounds?

yes,unity3d support for A card not be good

Unity supports shadows, but OpenGL, out of my view and experience, is no longer officially supported in Unity 3. Its a reminder from Unity 2.x and 1x where it originally started out as opengl only from what I recall (unity was a osx only engine for quite some time).

Various visual things don’t work if you use the opengl enforcement flag on windows and I would highly recommend against using it in any production environment where you hand it out to end users (so lose control over hw and setup etc as it would be the case for ArchVIZ presentation purpose or generally interactive kiosks etc)