Peer 2 Peer using .NET socket

There is a security sandbox on the webplayer 3.0. I am aware of sending/receiving from a host which has a policy file or listening a Tcp socket on 843. But, how about the peer 2 peer model? In unity webplayer 3.0 doesn't support tcp listening, how can I directly send data to other player using UDP socket? The end point may beside in a firewall. If there is no security sandbox, like as PC standalone, I can use NAT punchthrough to make the players connect with each other.

Is there anyone with the same case? Could anyone give me some suggestion?

Thanks very much.


Tipcat Interactive

If someone still needs examples, you may try FMETP STREAM | Forum

It provides Streaming Demo with UDP/WebSocket/TCP solution, and Web browser demo with Socket.IO.

All source code are written in C# and easy to modify.

Supported: Android/iOS/Mac/PC/Linux/AR/VR/OculusGO/HoloLens/MagicLeap…etc