Penelope Tutorial - GUITexture not appearing on new camera

I’m working through the Penelope tutorial and gotten to the point where you create a new camera for the camera relative control setup. The tutorial says to delete the main camera. But after the camera has been deleted, the joysticks no longer appear on screen. The tutorial doesn’t seem to make any mention of tying the controls to the new camera yet references them as they should be appearing on screen.

Have I missed something?

Thanks for your reply. My position was set correctly. It turns out I didn’t have a GUILayer component in the new camera.

The tutorial says to delete the main camera on page 38 in the instructions for cameraRelativeSetup

Select your Controls object in Hierarchy then look at the inspector (usually top right side of the editor)
Make sure that Position is set to 0, 0, 0… if you have 0,1,0 the joystick won’t show in view.

By the way I cannot see where in the tutorial says to delete the Main Camera.

Hopefully this helped?