Penelope Tutorial script error messages

Has anyone here successfully completed the Penelope tutorial? Are there any errors in the tutorial? did you need to do a work around?

I have 2 script errors.

   1. In the "PlayerRelativeControl"

private var animationController : AnimationController;

I get this error message: Assets/Scripts/PlayerRelativeControl.js(29,35): BCE0018: The name 'AnimationController' does not denote a valid type. Did you mean 'UnityEngine.AnimationState' ?

I comment out all the related code and it works. I looked ahead to see that the AnimationController is implemented later in the tutorial, But I don't understand why it's included here, it will produce an error

    2. In the "TapControl" script, for:

private var fingerDownPosition : Vector2 = Vector2 [ 2 ];

I get this error message: Assets/Scripts/TapControl.js(17,45): BCE0048: Type 'System.Type' does not support slicing.

Thanks Lawrence

Please refer below link for animationController problem, as your folder may need to copy AnimationController.js to inside