Penelope vs 3D Platform Game Tutorials

Penelope appears to be a 3rd person shooter game developed purely for the iPhone platform

The 3D Platform Game looks more general - is it applicable directly to mobile development?

If we are aiming to develop for Android, is either of those tutorials preferred?

I'd so learn as much as you can... Just follow all the tutorials, do as much as you can, because you'll need most of it in the future, so why not?

Penelope will be the preferred tutorial since it will teach you how to access and program for many of the tricker touch screen and accelerometer technologies you will find on Android.

Of course, you really need to be able to test on a device to control the game while you are working on Penelope to make sure what you are doing actually works, so if you don't have the ability to test on a mobile device at the moment, start with 3D Platformer as it is significantly easier than Penelope.

Additionally, remember that Penelope was written when Unity iPhone was a different piece of software and before Unity had merged mobile device support beyond iOS.

Also, from my personal experience, 3D Platform takes about two 8 hour days to complete, and Penelope takes significantly longer (4-5). 3D Platform will teach you the basics of how to use the editor, but really hardly touches on the scripting side of things. Penelope is more comprehensive on the scripting side of things (Javascripting side that is.)