Performance Expectations

I’d like to get a ballpark idea of what the experienced Unity developers expect for FPS in their games. A benchmark from the experts so to speak. This way I have a better chance of gauging whether or not I’m doing something wrong.

I have:

  • Windows 7 64-bit, average machine.
  • Unity basic - current build
  • Space standalone with dynamically loaded scenes
  • Scenes transition instantly with game
    state preserved
  • My underlying model has about 10K planets in a Galaxy object and uses 23M physical memory (outside Unity) with no additional player content
  • The serialization (save/load) of the
    detail data is 965kb and saves
    instantly (enough)
  • Planets/clouds rotate, ship textured and moves with lighting, camera follows/orbits, etc

With 1024x768 resolution, I get:

  • Fastest: pegs right at 760 fps
    (assuming the tutorial FPS script is
  • Simple: same.
  • Fantastic: Always get 60 fps no
    matter what I do.

How about you guys that know what you’re doing?

P.S. I noticed that the build covers over a multitude of texture sins. My crappy planet seams are totally gone in the build. LOVE IT.

Fantastic forces V-Sync on, which limits the framerate to 60! That’s why it stays at that exact speed. Other than that, it’s really a subjective matter of texture detail, what shaders you’re using, how detailed your models are, and all the other canonical real-time optimisation things.