Performance gets worse and worse the more I stop/restart my Unity app.

I've got a fairly simple basketball game. It has a basketball arena and some basket balls. I can move around and shoot at the hoop. Each time I create a ball, shoot it then destroy it after 5 seconds.

The first time I start the Unity Editor run it everything is great. Each time I run the game however the performance gets worse and worse. I need to stop and restart to test out my code changes.

Anyway after about 10-20 stops and restarts the performance drops off a cliff. It goes down to about 2 FPS. What am I doing wrong?

I suspect the video memory/resources are not getting freed in my NVidia Quadro NVS (135mg of memory). Has anyone seen this problem before? I'm using Unity 2.6.0f7 (29850).

Maybe it could be a PhysX problem as well as that runs in the video card too?

Please Help.


I have not had this problem (nor have I heard of it before), however are you running your game from an external harddrive? If so, try placing it on your desktop and playing it from there.

If not, try something else: Have you tried exporting your game yet? Try that and see if it does the same problem it does in your editor ... I'm trying to determine whats going on - It could just be a mega bug you've activated.