Performance going down over time


I’m testing my game on a cheap laptop with integrated graphics so that I can optimize it, I’ve managed to get it running at 60fps in one of the most demanding area, but if I idle there for a while and come back the fps goes down to 55, and eventually to 50 and so on. I’m trying to understand what is going on, I’ve always been careful when coding, I’m looking at the profiler and noticed that the “used total” keeps going up slowly, here’s the memory tab on start and then after 15 minutess or so, does this mean anything?

All I see is memory consumption increase of the profiler, it could be the reason. See the fps without using profiler or build the game and test then.

Likely to be a memory leak then.

Check through this guide: Unity - Manual: Memory in Unity

and then check all your usages of the “new” keyword, as well as if your using instantiate and destroy anywhere!