Performance impact of camera that has 'nothing' culling mask and doesn't clear anything?

I need to create a gameobject with a camera attached to it, the camera has to be enabled and have its depth set to ‘100’ but besides those two things it doesn’t need to do anything at all.

If I set the clear flags to ‘don’t clear’ and the culling mask to ‘nothing’ will this mean it has no performance impact asf ar as rendering goes?

Well, the performance impact of the “concept” of a camera is relatively low. A camera is literally just a transformation matrix (the Transform component) and a projection matrix (in the camera component itself). If you don’t clear and don’t draw any geometry with it, it literally does nothing beside some setup overhead. It might go through all renderers to check the layermask, but if nothing is used it’s probably skipping this. Even if not that’s nothing to worry about. In comparison to your actual camera it’s workload is probably way below 1%

May i ask why the camera has to be active? Even disabled cameras can be used for rendering by calling the Render function manually. Since your camera does nothing i don’t see the reason why it should be enabled? Some insight on the purpose?

If you might just want an OnRender callback or something like that, just use OnGUI!

The repaint event is always invoked after all cameras have finished rendering. So it’S the perfect place to do some post rendering stuff. You can even render (disabled) cameras there manually which i did quite often :wink: