Performance Improvement

I have been reading about Static objects, but i didn’t get what it is supposed to do.

As far as i know, if you want to make the game performance be better, one of the most important things is to make ALL of the objects that will not move such as walls,houses,fences, etc… static gameobjects, by simply selecting the checkbox. This will basically warn the engine that the object will NOT move.

Of course that this doesn’t apply in EVERYTHING, just some things, but it helps. The problem is that i didn’t get the part of the “batch”. What is a batch? and most important, HOW DO I MAKE A BATCH?

Here’s the link for the Documentation that was made to Static:

Batching is what the engine does in order to speed up rendering the scene.

By setting objects to static this batching process is more likely to safe some performance, but there is nothing else you have to do actively. The engine does this for you.