Performance Issue with RenderForwardOpaque.Render -> Clear

Hi all,

when I profile my App (for Android) on a phone (Samsung A5), the “RenderForwardOpaque.Render → Clear” takes about 80% of the resources. Further, those “Clear” occurs in the other scenes too and takes some time (5 - 10 ms), even if the scene is almost empty (one static Camera; Clear flags: solid Color; one UI-Button).

This is acutally my first Unity-Project and I’m not sure whether the performance is good enough. Build on an older mobile device I can hold 30 FPS stable (a higher framerate is for this app not necessary).

According to the profiler information below, do you think this is good enough? What are normal/good CPU/GPU times on a phone (average device)?

(The profiled scene itself has zwo Cameras and contains a lot of UI-Elements/Sprites; only Mobile-Shaders and UI-Default Shader were used)

SetPass Calls :51

Draw Calls: 55

Total Batches: 55

Tris: 1.0k

Verts: 1.9k

What about this “RenderForwardOpaque.Render → Clear” issue. Does anyone alread had to deal with this or can give me a hint how to approach this problem? After playing more than 15 min, the phone gets a little bit warm too. Could this be the reason for heating up the phone more than other apps do?

I would appreciate any help.
Thanks for your time.

@philipp_95 Did you figure out this issue? I am having the same issue with an app only using UI?

When I created the project from Unity Hub, I choose the template Mobile.
My project suffered performance issue, it makes the phone hot and drain battery. The quality setting was like this

link text

Then I compared it to my previous project which didn’t have any issue. Its quality setting was like this. I changed my current project quality’s setting to this.

SOLUTION: Quality:
link text

Also, in the Graphics tab, the “Always included Shader” part, there are several unused Shaders that was added without me knowing. The tier setting also unchecked “Use default”

link text

So I deleted all the unwanted Shader and checked “Use Default” for all tier

link text