Performance issue with ScrollRect.LateUpdate()

Hi guys, in my Android game there’s an evident lag when I tap a button to open a scrollable list of prefabs. I have two ScrollRects that can be open separately, the one that should be less memory-costing has 8 prefabs in it, each prefab having 2 images and 3 texts.

I used the profiler and found out there’s a lag spike. Here’s an image: ( “Minghie”).

ScrollRect.LateUpdate() takes 629.70 ms to execute when I open the scrollable panel.
There’s a spike when I try the game on PC, too, but it’s only about 50 ms.
If I close and re-open the ScrollRect it doesn’t lag like this again.

Do you know what I might do to reduce this lag?

Done as Masterio said.

Instantiate prefabs in a loading screen reduced the time to open the Scroll View.