Performance issues using Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and Unity 4.2.2

Has anyone else experienced any Unity performance issues since upgrading to Unity 4.2.2? Playing projects is now very jerky whereas in the past I've had no issues at all...

I run a dual monitor setup, so perhaps it's the new Mavericks multiple monitor setup that's confusing things?

Interested to hear if anyone else has had any issues.

We have upgraded to Mavericks today and Unity seems to be very slow. We use NGUI and that is also not performing well. Surely there will be soon an update for Unity.

EDIT: I have figured out that my Logitech mouse due to software incompatibility issues with maverick was making unity slow and other weird freezing issues. Just delete ur Logitech control center it will make everything nice and smooth again. wait for logitech update for maverick if u wanna use full extend of ur mouse capabilities.

Well, glad it’s not just me. I’m definitely having performance issues. Weirdly they seem to be reduced slightly by maximizing the game window!

Unity 4.2.0 + Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks

I’m seeing the same issues here. The issue seems to come and go. I can’t be sure if anything I have tried is actually affecting performance or not, but certain tricks seem to bring things back to normal. I’m pretty sure these are red herrings:

  • Scrolling with mouse wheel in game window.
  • Shrinking the entire editor window down and expanding it again.
  • etc.

The profiler indicates (when profiling the editor) that the “Overhead” category is adding up to 50 seconds per frame.

For now, I would advise others to wait until the Unity team addresses Mavericks and gives us the go-ahead. (a.k.a. common sense)

I've noticed some pretty serious performance issues too. Seems to freeze for up to around 10-20 seconds every now and then for seemingly no reason.
I tried disabling App Nap for Unity but didn't change anything

I am experiencing the same problems. The editor feels really choppy and occasionally my systems freezes for 30 seconds.

I have similar problems. After i start Unity and hit play the game runs smooth, but every time i stop and hit play again it seems like the game becomes more and more laggy.

This error started after i updated to Mavericks.

I can confirm Snupimans observation about uninstalling Logitech Control Center. I had one similiar issue about performance being between smooth for some seconds and then being jerky (and back), but uninstalling the Logitech CC solved this issue.

Edit: Uninstalling LCC doesn't seem to solve the performance issue I experience, it just did not appear for some longer time. So what I experience is that performance is smooth but suddenly drops and is jerky, only to speed up again after some seconds and so forth.

Nevertheless I have another issue with Multi-Monitor-Setup. If I use the Inspector Window on the second Monitor and want to open the "Icon" Drop-Down to assign a color to a Prefab, the small popup closes itself immediately again (I can't select any color or icon) - this happens since I am on Mavericks + it does not happen when I have the Inspector Window on my Main Screen.

Thanks for the info. I was going to upgrade to Maverics, but i guess i'll wait until the issue is fixed. Btw, is this just with Unity editor, or also built games?

The problem (for me a regular stutter 2-3 times per second in play mode) seems to only be in the editor. A standalone OS X build is fine (even with the editor running in the background).

Interesting I have LCC installed and I've noticed that sometimes when I try to switch out of Unity my whole system locks except my mouse cursor. After a few minutes it comes back but it can be frustrating. I haven't tried uninstalling the LCC, but I did reinstall Unity as people said that was a possible solution to another issue (Unity hard locking when hitting break points in mono develop).

I also have noticed the same thing with pop up windows that aren't on the main screen closing if you give focus to another application.

Turned both of my external displays off. Seems to be working okay now. So far...

Spoke to soon. It's better but still not as it was before Mavericks.

I'm gonna hold off on upgrading to Mavericks and wait til things get smoothed out. Xcode 5 and Unity 4 can still be a little wonky.

Yeah I’ve found that disabling my second monitor helps a bit, but it’s definitely not back to normal. It’s not a show stopper at all, but it is slightly frustrating.

It definitely made it a little better…
however having a large project (10gb+) certainly seemed to exacerbate things and continued to be a show stopper. (I’ve resorted to switching to a laptop with 10.8 still installed for now)

I also experience freezes while I am in Maya LT, might have something to do with either the videocard and drivers or the OpenGL 4.1 environment of Mavericks

Also having severe performance issues since upgrading to Mavericks. Halts for 2-3 seconds every 5-10 seconds of using Unity. Profoundly annoying and nearly un-usable.

If your secondary monitor is causing you issues, disable each monitor having its own space in the Mission Control settings. You'll lose the improved secondary monitor support but you'll still be able to use both monitors like you used to be able to.