Performance issues with d3d build on xbox - xaml build is fine

I'm porting a game to uwp for xbox one and encountering severe performance issues (~2fps) from a d3d project, however there is no such issue when running a xaml project. From what I understand, d3d should be the more performant option.

Are there any suggestions or configuration quirks that I might have missed that will result in this behavior?

Did you try attaching the profiler by any chance? Obvious things to check is making sure you're not running in debug mode, that things don't throw exceptions every frame and that app on xbox is configured to game mode.

It was configured to game mode, Build Configuration is release. I did a development build and attached the profiler ...aaand it runs perfectly fine. This is terrific but I can't very well publish a dev build.

edit: Ran a new build without Dev mode and the performance is great. Though I checked and rechecked the only thing that makes sense is I had been using a debug build.

Well I'm glad it's resolved :smile:.