Performance issues with glow effect, desperately need help!

I am using sprite glow (GitHub - Elringus/SpriteGlow: A sprite glow effect for Unity game engine) and i have it working with HDR enabled and Kinobloom (GitHub - keijiro/KinoBloom: Bloom effect for Unity)

It lags like crazy on android and i need to find a faster way of achieving the same effect

Ive tried photoshop and making my own “glow” effect into images but they turn out meh and i have way too many :frowning:

Please i really need to get this performance better!

I don’t care what i have to try or do or change as long as i can get the same effect (or similar), i just really need help and i’ve tried almost everything i can think of, thanks for the help and i greatly appreciate it!!

anyone? :frowning: