Performance of animation rigging is very rough on Quest 2

Hey there. I have a feeling something somewhere has a bug, because performance is very bad with the animation rigging system on Quest 2. I see that a few of the jobs have (Burst) tags, but most of them do not. And, very frequently, jobs are being ran on the main thread instead of on job threads. We do have 1 long running custom occlusion system job which is locked to one job thread basically at all times. However, there is one available job thread which is usually idle when the animation rigging system goes to schedule work.

Here are some screenshots of the profiler of our game running on the device. We only have a few enemies on screen, with a few animation rigging setups. The constraints are all fairly simple, just lookat target on the hip and some foot IK stuff.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Is the animation rigging team aware of the really bad performance? Thanks.


We found that swapping from Humanoid to Generic rigs in our FBX import settings really helped with the performance situation (cut time in half roughly). However, the performance is still unacceptably slow.