Performance Question

-I have a fool question to ask you.
-Does inActive object cost any perfomance?
-Ex: I have 100 Rigged-Cloth and attach its bones to player corresponding-bones, after that, I inActive all the cloth meshes (bones is still active). So this will cost so much performance?.

Definitely, in fact inactive objects in your hierarchy are -as to my knowledge no different than active objects except for well yeah being inactive. They are there to be instantly called when gameObject.SetActive(bool) is used.

I would say its not bad to have some inactive objects, but definitely not good to have 100s of them. They are just like all the other objects stored in RAM and takes up CPU(a lot if you ask performance wise, also depends upon the type of object size and all).

I don’t really understand your need to make them inactive but in short yes they will take some performance up. If I was you I’d try experimenting with those.