Performance question

Hello everybody, I’m making game and I need choice of player. I have 3 states of player animation:
1. Idle 2 frames
2. Left 2 frames
3. Right 2 frames
In this frames the problem that I need to change just fire at the turbine. I have small fire at the sprite and covering sprite with big fire.
I have question:
What is faster?

  1. Make prefab of the player and change it’s texture(how?)(maybe I can use spritesheet as basis of animation).
  2. Make animation for every type of the player(and then create prefabs).
  3. Make prefab and on the events of turning, cover points of the player(there will be game objects) with big fire and making fire transparent(and non) to “animate” it.
    Very important aspect of this, that all players textures are different sizes and I need to create accurate collider for every(or not real accurate).
    Thank all in advance.

Already looked into Animators?

Attach a SpriteRenderer and a Collider to your player, then when creating the animations only change the Sprite.