Performance regression on Android?

Hi everyone,

I am making a mobile 2D game for Android and since updating to 2023 unity I’ve had a huge performance drop to unplayable fps. I was hoping you could help point me in the right direction to fix it, or at least understand the performance drop.

Before the update the game ran without any issues, and currently in 2023.1.8 version the game runs fine at around 120fps in the editor. On android device (pixel 5) the game is now very jittery.

When profiling on the android build, some processes are taking 1s now, and while some frames seem to be fine at around 60 fps, every 10th frame or so can be 100ms, and some can take 1000 ms +

Unfortunately I’ve made a variety of changes to the code since updating which I couldn’t test on device as I had a TMPro “zero width” bug which meant that i couldn’t build the game for a month, so its hard to say if I made a change which is causing the performance drop.
I would say that any code changes I made were well-made and wouldn’t warrant a 1000ms+ frame time, especially when it runs on editor well.

So my question is, what would you suggest I look into to try and find the source of the issue?
Could it be an issue with some setting I don’t know about (I’m new here)?
Is there a known issue with Unity on this (I can’t find one)?
Has there been some large change to unity android in the 2023 release which could be the culprit?

Sorry for being a bit vague here, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts, or if you’re having a similar issue!

best, Rob