Performance using int over float in editor

I’m asking this out of curiosity, it may seem minor :wink:

Would using whole numbers in the attached example (or transform, etc) offer any performance gain across a project?

This is a duplicate question. You can read these posts about the topic (this is by no means exhaustive):

In short, the general consensus seems to be “it depends”.
My personal opinion is that in games, this kind of optimization is useless. Your time would be better spent optimizing your memory allocations (reducing garbage) or moving unnecessary computation out of the Update function.

Doing basic math operations with int is around 30% faster than float. If you need to save RAM and your integer numbers are small enough, you can use short (System.Int16) or even byte instead of int, however int32 is a little faster than both. On a desktop CPU anyway; not sure about ARM. Oh yeah, and certain operations like various bitwise operators can only be done on integers.