Permanent trail behind player/needle

Hello everyone, I am currently on a simulation for a sewing machine. However, I was wondering how I can leave a permanent trail? I am asking because I have the needle go up and down and I need the thread to show up after the needle has went through the fabric.

What is the best way to accomplish this in C#?

You can use the LineRenderer

For absurdly overkill (for your purposes) take a look at this - it’s free. Specifically TronTrail. A quick demo of what it does can be found here. You can use the fundamentals to create your permanent trail. There’s also this, but it costs money, though it has some great reviews.

However, rather than create a trail as a line, a better way would may be to change the texture of the object after passing the needle or use an overlay, it all depends on how you want to do it. If you go for an overlay, here’s an article to get you started.