Permanent unintentional Input on Axis

Dear Community,
a few players of our recently released game Superflight are reporting a weird bug. **It seems like they recieve permanent input in one direction on the vertical and horizontal axis. **
The problem can’t be how we manage the input internally, as the players also have this issue when navigating in the menu (we use the standard unity event system for that, but have custom axis defined).

Some of them had connected additional input devices (usually stuff like flight sim controls as rudder pedals or sliders) and told us the issue disappeared when they disconnected them, but other players experience this behaviour with only a keyboard connected. Also having installed vJoy seems to trigger this issue. At the moment I don’t have any idea where to start fixing this bug. Is there a way to correctly isolate only the input from actual gamepads?

Every helpful reply will recieve a steam key for Superflight! =)

Thanks in advance,


Hi Paul,
It sounds like the default input is being set incorrectly somewhere. A bit like that old problem you could get on consoles when you load a game with the thumb stick pushed all the way in one direction and it take that to be the center position. If could also be that the same control is mapped to two different buttons, which is why the additional hardware might be interfering.
Double check your inputs and see if there’s a way to reset them to default when the game loads (or maybe in a menu for players). I’m not 100% if that’s the cause but something worth looking into if you haven’t already.
Hope that points you in the right direction at least.