Permanently Delete Assets from Project View

How to permanently delete an assets from my project?

I have tried Google, but with no results.

I am looking for a delete similar to Shift-Del in Windows. I have tried Del and Shift-Del in Unity project, but my assets are simply moved to recycle bin. I can empty the deleted assets from my recycle bin, but I hope that I can do a permanent delete straight from project view.

Any thoughts on this one?

You can use this utility window i’ve just written :wink:

The default hotkey is CTRL+E since SHIFT+DEL is already used by Unity and i couldn’t figure out how to specify the delete key as hotkey :wink: (“del” didn’t work. It shows as “DEL” but it does not work. Probably because delete handled in a special way).

Tested only on my Windows PC (WinXP 32Bit). If you use a mac, feel free to post a comment if it works.


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