Permission Denied when building unity game

Hello. I am somewhat new to unity and not too familiar with it.
I am trying to build a VR game with gorilla tag locomotion but anytime i try to build i get

Building Library\Bee\artifacts\Android\libunity\arm64-v8a\unstripped\ failed with output:
ld.lld: error: failed to write to the output file: Permission denied

I do not know why this is happening and started after i added the XR Interaction Toolkit when i forgot to add it earlier. I am using Unity 2022.3.7f1. Here is an image of the console:

If you have any answers, Please let me know!

Stop unity and quit unity hub, delete Library folder in the project and start again.

I also ran into a similar error, and wondering - are you storing your project on a mounted RAM disk? There are similar cases in various projects around the web and the common issue is the RAM disk. See e.g. here: lld writing to Windows RAM drive fails with "cannot open output file ...: function not supported" · Issue #51422 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub
Hopefully there’s some fix to it as using a RAM disk really speeds up builds…