I created a ios game and I need to ask a question.
I saved prefabs for different level at persistentDataPath. My gamecontrol script check the players level and load the save from persistantDataPath. As it is it works perfect at my comp, but I ofcouse this is a ios game.

So question is when I build the game files in folder also build with rest of project? Because as I explained all the pre saved levels are located are in those save files.

Thanks in advance

persistentDataPath on iOS points to your app’s Documents folder, where you can write whatever you wish. This folder will always be empty when you install the app on the device - unless you specifically write to it.

It is perfectly OK to use it to store saves. You can use a iOS file system browser such as DiskAid ( free version ) to do tests and see your app’s Documents folder’s content.

Hope it helps,