Personal Edition for learning in an enterprise - allowed?,Personal License for learning only in enterprise - allowed?

I have access to MSDN professional and use Visual Studio 2017 Pro which offers the option to Install and use Unity3D.

There have been concerns that installing this in an enterprise environment is not permitted with a personal license even if it is only used for education purposes so I wish to seek clarity on this.

Can I install Unity3D and not purchase plus or Pro if I am only using the software to undertake training (such as the courses on Udemy or videos on Youtube)

Thanks.,I am seeking clarity here. Recently I have been using my Unity3D personal license to learn. The company I work at uses Unity3D for commercial purposes too and I use Visual Studio 2017 via an MSDN subscription which has an option to install Unity3D.

The question I have is can I use a personal license if I am only using it for tutorials/training/educational reasons with the assumption that anything I do will not be used commercially or do I need a proper purchased Plus/Pro seat in the enterprise environment?

I’m not sure “enterprise environment” is a term in a Unity license. I think the issue is whether you’re using it for work in a company with 100K+ in Unity-related yearly income. I don’t think a download through Visual Studio is anything - microsoft probably isn’t authorized to sell Unity licenses in a bundle with VS (plus I’m seeing “Visual Studio tools for Unity,” through microsoft. Was that the download?)

Does your company have a liberal policy about using their machines for personal use? In that case you’re just a guy. Learning it at work, hoping to transfer into a job using it seems no different than a guy using it at home wanting to interview for that same job. Which IT person signed-off on the download, or did anyone even need to?

On the other hand, are you budgeting 4 hours/week on your timesheet for “unity3D training”? Is using it part of your job description, even though you aren’t doing it as part of your job currently? Are you on track to join the Unity-using group? In other words, is using it in any way part of your job? If you have “learn unity” on a personal developement plan – hmmm … I feel like those fall under personal use.

Actually they don’t offer me any training time so I fit it in when I can at end of day or lunches.

As for earnings, I am pretty sure we haven’t hit the 100k mark and all contracts and work would be internal so far as well so not even sure if that counts.