Perspective camera and overdraw/mipmap view problem

Hi everyone,

I encounter a problem when I try to view the overdraw and the mipmap levels in the Unity editor using a perspective camera. I’ve attached a couple of pictures to demonstrate this:

  1. “Persp_Normal” shows the normal view of the scene using the textured view and RGB. The scene shows with no problem.

  2. The “Persp_Overdraw” and “Persp_MipMaps” show the same scene, same camera angle with texture and respective view settings. As you can see, nothing is drawn.

  3. When I switch to isometric view (see “Iso_Overdraw” and “Iso_MipMaps”) everything is rendering as expected and I can inspect the scene as I need.

This happens in both PC, Mac & Linux Standalone (with and without DX11) and Web player editor build setup.

Has anyone encountered this and is there a workaround?






Cannot reproduce it on my Unity 4.0.0f7 pro for android. No issues for me.